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The Business of Self-Esteem
Self Esteem Through Entrepreneurship Program
Presented By: Jameelah Wilkerson and TMRW Woodford

The guide to success is not something that can really be given to you. It’s a journey of trial and error, as well as change of thought process. We must connect our passion and purpose to become the best version of ourselves. It is only in this way that we are able to serve the greater good.

Often people act as if they can TELL you how to do this and how to do that and it will just miraculously alter the dynamics of your life. I am here to tell you: NO, NO, NO. The guide to success is your own story, your own path, really, your own truth. My truth was becoming an entrepreneur at 18 and opening my first office. This took a lot of courage, dedication, motivation and the biggest factor for me was me having self-esteem; this is why I chose to build this program around being an entrepreneur.
Being a good entrepreneur means understanding cause and effect. You also have to know a way to create momentum in the right direction, irrespective of opportunity, follow the inner voice of confidence, calmness and clarity while learning to trust your instincts is crucial on the path to success. True success is being the progressive realization of any worthwhile idea, fear must be negated in order to allow one’s self to be successful.

If you are trying to start a business or just be an ordinary 9-5 worker, you have to change your daily habits and eventually, the way you think. The highest achievers in the workplace are those who view and treat all businesses as their own, even as an employee. Most employers seek to hire those who go above and beyond and build the habit of high achieving, unlike those who choose to do the bare minimum just to get by.

You have to:
Entrepreneur Your Job!
Entrepreneur Your Lifestyle!
Entrepreneur Your Relationships!

Program Aims
This self-esteem program aims to develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed to attain and maintain a strong presence in a competitive marketplace. As a result, you will better understand what is required to build and maintain robust and powerful relationships, one of the most valuable assets an individual can have today.

This program aims to ensure that students will have the relevant skills and abilities needed to give themselves a competitive advantage within the corporate world and their day to day life. It will also get in-depth with Sherrie Campbell’s 12 Ways To Stop Undermining Your Self-Esteem and Graham Young’s 5 Ways to Train Your Brain and Boost Your Self Esteem.

The Business of Self-Esteem Program is an engaging, hands-on program that will teach our students to prepare to enter an occupation or entrepreneurial venture. This free program is a comprehensive introduction to these ideas. It enables educators, even those with no business background, to introduce understanding basic thinking skill and understanding how decisions and habits can affect well-being. Students they will learn to develop creative thinking skills through entrepreneurship and learn how to be confident while achieving these goals. Students will learn life skills of communication, leadership, creativity, problem solving, and organizational planning.

Entrepreneurship is important because…..

  • It can provide individuals with independence, satisfaction, financial reward and self-esteem.
  • It can have a powerful impact on society. A successful entrepreneur can create jobs, products, services, and wealth.
  • It is the engine of the economy.
  • The fact that entrepreneurs are the primary source of workplace innovation, wealth creation and job generation for the US economy is well known. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in millennials will prepare them for an ever-changing economy.

The Business of Self-Esteem Program is a 3-month class teaching Self-Esteem Through Entrepreneurship. Classes will only accommodate 10 students per session to provide a more intimate learning experience. The program provides hands-on training and it has the ability to enable students to discover the power of themselves and their ideas.
Students will gain experience and have access to professional resources to explore the nuts and bolts of starting a business: writing a business plan, obtaining funding, and learning about the agencies businesses interact with to become a legitimate entity.

Students will have examined the definition of entrepreneurship through self-esteem, while providing an overview of the past and present professional environment. Students will know how to create a life plan, leverage their community, network, speak in public, obtain great public relations skills, build relationships and learn how to obtain Financial Freedom.

By the end of the 3-month course, students will have the basic skills to delve into the steps and considerations involved with turning an idea into a business: Identifying a passion or hobby that can provide a product or service, researching the market, and weighing the risks of starting a small business or being employed by another company, student will have the ability to run it like their own going above and beyond and build the habit of high achieving.